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Jo Coutuer

Data Merit

I founded Data Merit, after careful reflection on my earlier life as a data product consultant and a Chief Data Officer.  Twelve years as co-founder of Numius, four years as Analytics Partner at Deloitte Consulting and a six-year tenure as BNP Paribas Fortis' first Chief Data Officer and Member of the Executive Committee.  

As a data product consultant, I had an unshakeable belief in the data products that my team built. I was convinced that the quote from the movie "Field of Dreams", "If you build it, they will come", held true.
As a Chief Data Officer, I enjoyed an a-typically long tenure of 6 years. I felt first hand the gravity of data governance, data protection, data quality, data security. Fortunately, it was not all gravitas.

There was a lot of innovation in the shape of Analytics and Artificial Intelligence, both for improved process efficiency as well as for improved customer experience and revenue growth.

In both roles I learnt that data (product) strategy should follow stakeholder objectives. The accomplishment of stakeholder objectives is what creates value.

With Data Merit, I want to address the flip side of the data product coin.

My Speaker Sessions

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