The Event Program

Panel Session: Business Model Reinvention with Blockchain

Tuesday Jan 31, 2023 04:15 - 05:00

This panel discussion looks at blockchain and DLT through a different lens, concrete blockchain implementations and live use cases demonstrating blockchain's impact today and the disruptive impact it can have tomorrow. Will it contribute to a New Ethos in Banking?

The Luxembourg Spuerkeess case of Blockchain-based student loans issued is one of these live uses cases. Today 80% of the student loans they give are blockchain-based. Blockchain technology ensures digital proof that the loan is authentic, the critical advantage being that this technology can reduce fraud to near zero.

Receive key insights from the Euroclear example on what the value-add is of Fnality, another consortium of global banks that are building regulated payment systems to support the growing industry adoption of tokenised assets and marketplaces.

Learn from The Blockhouse Technology what it means to create new security solutions for today’s complex and decentralised world. They are inspired by the integrity of blockchain and the need to integrate it with privacy and regulation and believe in the power of technology to harness trust and create a better world.

Discover where blockchain brings the most value for ensuring the integrity of financial services' records, rules and processes. What are the lessons learned from implementations? What are the monsters and myths in blockchain technology and the value it can bring to financial services?

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