The Event Program

The Banking Reinvention Quadrant for a New Ethos in Banking

Tuesday Jan 31, 2023 02:10 - 02:45
Venue: Main room

Paolo Sironi, Global Research Leader Banking and Financial Markets at IBM, will give a mind-challenging presentation on "The Banking Reinvention Quadrant for a New Ethos in Banking”. 
He will be looking into how Financial Market Transparency (FMT) theory and principles influence the creation of value with technology for individuals, clients and the entire ecosystem to generate viable revenue for banks and fintech. It doesn't suffice to digitize financial services as digital distribution channels, the human behaviour needs to be taken into account as well.
Knowledge and understanding of client behaviour allow orienting services not only demand-based but also offer-based, where the revenue lies for financial institutions and where it meets the client's needs.
Paolo's keynote speech perfectly fits the theme of the day, "A New Banking Ethos". His expert insight and experience are helpful tools in formulating what this new Banking Ethos should or could be.

Reserve your seat now and make sure you go home with a hard copy of his best-selling book "Banks & Fintech on Platform Economies".
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