January 31, 2023 - Confiserie Namur, Luxembourg

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A New Banking Ethos

Whether it is because of the pandemic, climate change, global conflicts or inflation, banks a in a constant reinvention, driven by technology, societal change and market dynamics. In the turmoil of change, the finance industry needs to ensure it remains relevant and contributes to a more positive future.

Old beliefs are no longer enough to build tomorrow’s business. However, what lessons can we learn from the past 15 years to set new beliefs for the years to come?

The banking industry needs a new ethos. During our events we will find out what that new ethos could look like.

What beliefs should drive the core decisions and actions of tomorrow's banks?

How do banks ensure they understand and leverage technological opportunities for the right goals?

How can they attract and retain the right talent to achieve all this?

This is the fourth edition of our half-day boutique conference in Luxembourg. Hugely successful in the past, it’s a really powerful networking event. A select mix of national and international speakers hosting the perfect discussion platform for the local banking business... dinner included. Because of its success, and by popular demand, we will have our first conference of 2023 at the same location.

That means we’ll meet again in Confiserie Namur, renowned for its high-end catering, close to Luxembourg’s financial centre. The Banking Scene only selects high-level speakers, Confiserie Namur matches up perfectly with their tasty and quality products.

You will reconnect with more than 100 guests. As a partner. On stage or in the network area.

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“The Banking Event brings you up-to-speed with the most important movements in the sector, provides usable use cases and gives you ample opportunity to exchange experiences with your fellow bankers.”

Bart Beeusaert,
Director Digital Banking & Product Development, Bank Nagelmackers

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